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Mental Health News-Is technology making us lonely? (ABC Online)

Mental Health News-Is technology making us lonely? (ABC Online)

In this age of social networking, you'd wonder how anyone could ever feel lonely. But the more you use technology to communicate, the lonelier you are likely to be. That's according to a recent survey conducted by Relationships Australia, a community-based support services organisation. "Forty two per cent of Australians who used an average of four methods of technology to communicate [such as email, SMS, Facebook, Twitter] were lonely compared with 11 per cent of people who used only one," says Sue Miller, a manager at Relationships Australia Queensland. The 2011 results, which come from polling 1204 people over the age of 18, also challenge the idea that elderly people are society's loneliest. The data reveal that people aged 25-34 were most likely to frequently feel lonely (27 per cent) and that young adults aged 18-24 are the second loneliest group; 19 per cent frequently feel lonely. For those over 70 years of age, the figure was 11 per cent.

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