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Collated Mental Health News Items for 2006
Collated Mental Health News Items for 2006

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Youth mental health program to stay - Headroom
Youth mental health program to stay
The South Australian Government has denied it is scrapping a mental health program that targets young people.

The Headroom program includes a youth-oriented website and outreach services for young South Australians.

A spokesman for the Mental Health Minister says the Health Department is reviewing the program's future, and funding will continue until June next year.

The Opposition's mental health spokeswoman, Michelle Lensink, says the Government should keep the program.

"I think the Government ought to continue to fund Headroom because it's a local service written by South Australians, for South Australians, and it comes with it a lot of goodwill, if you like, from a lot of young people who have been prepared to be involved in the project," he said.

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Posted:Dec 12, 2006

2006 Children and Youth Summit
Young Ontarians To Speak Out At 2006 Children and Youth Summit
Youth To Share Views With Decision Makers, Service Providers
TORONTO, Oct. 26 /CNW/ - More than 180 youth from across the province are joining youth services providers and key decision makers today at the 2006 Ontario Children and Youth Summit to discuss solutions to challenges facing youth.
"Young people are telling us that they can help us to help them overcome the significant challenges they face in trying to achieve success and we are listening," said Minister of Children and Youth Services Mary Anne Chambers. "Our children and youth need and deserve our support."
The summit, taking place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, has drawn community partners from every sector of youth services across the province to hear what youth have to say about education, employment, mental health, healthy living and well-being.

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Posted:Dec 12, 2006

New Mental Health Scholarship Launched (W Aust)
Mental health research scholarship launched
AM - Tuesday, 28 November , 2006 08:24:00
Reporter: Annie Guest
TONY EASTLEY: Last summer, Sydney man Nathan Trepezanov was considered an exceptionally bright and popular student with everything to live for.

But then, completely out of the blue, the 21-year-old devastated everyone he knew by taking his own life. Suicides have decreased in recent years, but a lack of awareness about the causes persists.

In the hope of learning more, last night the Trepezanov family and a former WA Premier supported the launch of a new mental health research scholarship.

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Posted:Dec 12, 2006

Balancing Work and Family
To all parties interested in the inquiry:

On Thursday 7 December 2006, the Family and Human Services Committee tabled its report on the Inquiry into Balancing Work and Family entitled Balancing Work and Family.
To view or print the report

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Posted:Dec 12, 2006

New Children's Policy Framework, Canada
Kids' plan focuses on timely support, expertise
Dec. 8, 2006. 01:00 AM

Kids with depression, bipolar or behavioural problems may start getting help sooner if Ontario follows through on new plans to overhaul the children's mental health system.

Mary Anne Chambers, minister of children and youth services, last week released a new policy framework for children's and youth mental health. This week, advocates were welcoming the move as an important first step to reorganizing the overburdened system.

"We're really excited," said Gordon Floyd, executive director of Children's Mental Health Ontario. "We'll be happier when there's money on the table, but we're pleased."

"We've never had a policy, so it says to me they're recognizing children's mental health is important," said Susan Hess of Windsor, president of Parents for Children's Mental Health, a support and advocacy group.

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Posted:Dec 12, 2006

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