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DataTrends: Influence of Gender and Parents on Mental Health Care
The Influence of Gender and Parent Attitudes on Teen Perceptions of Mental Health Care (#136)

Topic: A recent study shows that perceived stigma and parental attitudes play essential roles in children?s willingness to seek support and mental health services when faced with emotional concerns. Implications indicate that it is important for parents to be aware of the messages they give to their children - especially boys - about mental health conditions and those who treat them.

Posted:Dec 12, 2006

IN THE ABC SHOP: Resilience, by Anne Deveson
(Paperback book: $24.95)
Some people find the resilience to overcome adversity and suffering while others are overwhelmed and despair. Anne Deveson wanted to understand better why, and how, individuals and communities develop resilience.

Posted:Dec 12, 2006

Battling the Black Dog (ABC Health)
BATTLING THE BLACK DOG (Landline: 26/11/2006)
Depression affects thousands of Australians each year. The National Mental Health Council estimates that up to one in five Australians will experience some form of mental illness during their lifetime. We hear from farmers who have battled the black dog and now have the courage to speak out.

Posted:Dec 12, 2006

National Drugs Campaign
Website details include:
Where's your head at? - Youth Site: The facts, Profiles, Helpful contact numbers, Order Resources

National Drugs Campaign - campaign site: Campaign outline, Tips for parents, Information about drugs, Links/contacts


Posted:Dec 12, 2006

ABC Health: Training the Brain
(Science Show: 02/12/2006)
Emily Holmes is trying to determine why flashbacks sometimes remain and recur after trauma. Understanding how the brain processes information is helping in the development of treatments. Bundy Macintosh is taking a similar approach encouraging people with depression and anxiety to focus on good things rather than bad, changing their distorted biases. Cognitive behaviour therapy or trauma-focused cognitive therapy is currently the gold standard treatment and works better than medication for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Posted:Dec 12, 2006

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