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The Encyclopaedia on Early Childhood Development
This website brings together articles written by internationally renowned experts on topics regarding the psychosocial development of young children, from conception to the age of five. It includes topics such as emotional development, attachment, crying behaviour, temperament and maltreatment. Each of the 47 topics addressed is explored from three perspectives: development, services and policies. In addition, for each topic there is a synthesis that provides, in a simplified format, the key points that will be most useful to practitioners and planners. This synthesis addresses three questions: What is the importance of this topic? What are the most up-to-date and conclusive data available on this subject and what can be done to improve services, policies and research?
To access the Encyclopedia go to

Posted:Dec 16, 2011

Fit Mind-Fit Body and Soul Kit
WA Youth Minister, Robyn McSweeney, launched a new resource kit designed to raise awareness of mental illness among young West Australians. The Minister said the kit was an innovative resource she hoped would inspire young people to talk more openly about mental health issues affecting their age groups. The 'Fit Mind-Fit Body & Soul Kit' includes a series of 10 fact sheets that focus on topical issues including grief and loss, bullying, relationships and depression. It will be available through not-for-profit organisations, schools and colleges, local government authorities, and online at

Posted:Dec 16, 2011

The Anger Toolbox
Developed by Skylight, a New Zealand agency offering a wide range of support services, The Anger Toolbox looks at what anger is, the effects it can have on us and the different strategies children, adolescents and adults can learn to manage it safely and well. Skylight has also developed a range of resilience resources on topics such as bereavement, family break up, blended families, addiction, mental illness, domestic violence, abuse, bullying, anxiety, disaster recovery, injury and disability. To access these resources, go to

Posted:Dec 16, 2011

Investing in the Future: An Evaluation of the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY)
In 2008 the Australian Government began a five-year national rollout of the Home Interaction Program for Parents and Youngsters (HIPPY) that would see it delivered in 50 communities across Australia by 2012. HIPPY is a combined home and centre-based early childhood enrichment program that supports parents in their role as their child's first teacher. The program targets communities that experience various forms of social disadvantage. This evaluation report examines the appropriateness, including its acceptability among Indigenous Australians, effectiveness, efficiency and governance of the program. In terms of effectiveness, for example, the evaluation provides a strong evidence base for HIPPY, with significant positive impacts being found across a number of important developmental domains and spheres of influence, including the child, the parent, the home learning environment and parents' social connectedness and inclusion. To downlaod the report, go to

Posted:Dec 1, 2011

Sibling Relationships in Children of Depressed Parents (Edition 11)
The latest GEMS - "Sibling Relationships in Children of Depressed Parents (Edition 11") is now available on the COPMI website at This GEMS is a useful summary of the importance of considering sibling relationships in the context of parental mental health issues.
If you have any ideas for a future GEMS or would like to submit a GEMS for publication, please contact the Series Editors (Andrea Reupert and Darryl Maybery - Monash University) at to discuss your proposal.

Posted:Nov 17, 2011

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